Okay, so I'm looking into getting a delay and a reverb for my effects chain. I've been mainly looking at the TC Electronic G Sharp - what are people's opinions on this? Are there any alternatives out there that do both delay and reverb in the same price bracket? It doesn't have to be rack, though I am hoping to go rack in the future.

What I want:

A decent delay, with tempo tap
A nice reverb - nothing too extreme, just something to add atmosphere to a lead
Preferrably both in the same unit
I would recommend the G-Sharp for having them in the same thing. It seems to be a pretty good price, and a pretty good company. I've never tried one myself, though.

I can tell you that Line 6 has really good reverb and delays though, the Pod XT has way more than you need, but if you want to look into the DL4 and Verbzilla, I highly recommend those. Tons of options as well.
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If you don't absolutely need tap tempo, you can go with a Boss RV-3. Score one for around $120 used. Delay and reverb at the click of a stompbox.


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