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I searched for it, but didnt find something like this, so:

Post here the song(s) you are practicing on at the moment.
Also rate the difficulty of the song /10 and say what makes the song hard/easy.
[EDIT] please do![/EDIT]

For example:

I'm practicing on:

D.N.R. by Testament.
Difficulty: 7.5/10
Hardest thing about this song: overall speed

Wasted years by Iron Maiden.
Difficulty: 6/10
Hardest thing: Solo is the only thing you actually need some practice on. But it's not THAT hard

The Wicker Man by Iron Maiden
Difficulty: 7.5/10
Hardest thing: some really hard parts in the solo. The song itself is very easy.

Domination by Pantera
Difficulty: 9.5/10
Hardest thing: Solo is wicked hard
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I try learning heaps of different songs nearly every day, but at the moment theres really none...

I learnt the solo for Nothing Else Matters a while ago..

Raining Blood I guess I'm trying to get right, and learning a few with Wah.

Edit: Oh yeh the rating, some parts on raining blood are about 3/10 I guess but then others are around 9 - 10 to my ability, lol.

I'm also trying The Trooper, but it's not like a try a bit every day, just whenever I'm bored.
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for the love of god- steve vai (studio version)

i just started on this a few days ago, the first minute or two is actually not that difficult once you get all the slides under your fingers.

im not to the shredding part yet

ill probably work 24/7 on it once i find a backing track.

im also working on canon D, thats just my little rainy day project though.
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Glasgow Kiss - John Petrucci

Oh yeah, I'd rate it maybe 8/10, for me at least. It's not too bad, but I get hung up on a couple parts.

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I want to start work on 2 songs when I get home from work...very different ones as well.

Sikth - Flogging The Horses

Thin Lizzy - Whisky in the Jar

I should have started Thin Lizzy like a week ago though...
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I'm learning Napalm Death's "You Suffer", but I can't get it down. Difficulty is probably 11/10, which is impossible. I doubt anyone here could play it, because I can't.
joe Satriani - Ice 9
I'm fine up until the first solo kicks in, admitidly it starts pretty early in the song . It just starts too fast for me at the moment and timing throws me way off. This will be one i'll be working on for a while to come.

Joe Satriani - If I could Fly
I love this song and never got it down that well in the past, i'm having another go and trying to get it as close as possible.

Various other Satriani tracks (Satch is the focus right now as you can tell). The reason is because i'm learning so much from his songs, why bother to go elsewhere just yet.
Just finished learning Cold Hard Bitch by Jet: 4/10

Now learning Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet: 5/10
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City and Colour - Happiness by the Kilowatt on Piano, 6/10
Working it out, weird left hand chords.
Alaska - Between the Buried and Me on Guitar, 9/10
Andd Mordecai - Between the Buried and Me on Bass, 9/10.
Annoying intervals.

Prettty hard stuff, plus I gotta work out Happiness by the Kilowatt.
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The Dark Trail - The Fall of Troy 9.75/10
Oh the casino! - The Fall of Troy 3/10
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Welcome home - Coheed and Cambria

Unrate-able, though its not that hard really
Finished learning She-Wolf - Megadeth - 8/10 (the rhythm is a difficult one to get down perfectly, and the solo needs good stretched-out hands)

Working on Hangar 18 - 7/10 (again, Mustaine has insane rhythm that sounds good AND is complex. I'm working on the rhythm part in the solos, since I'm not that good a lead player yet)

I'm actually trying to learn about half of Megadeth's discography.
Hangar 18 is a mad song, good luck with it ^

Afterlife by A7X.
Difficulty: 7/10
Hardest thing about this song: Sweep picking in the solo, nearly got it down though.
Snow by Red Hot Chili's

The song in itself is easy as hell but the riff in the verses is just constant fast hammerons and pulloffs and they make my hands ache after a while.
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one dream of mine is to play baroque and roll.

i dont quite know what it is, but i assume it involves plenty of harpsichord solos and medieval chanting.

Ex-creations / Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles / F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. - The Fall Of Troy.
Re-learning Scarified.

I'm also learning a coupla new, easy songs for playing acoustically:
Hearts Burst Into Fire - BFMV
S.O.S. - Abba

CBA to rate them, you do it.
Penis I See - GWAR 4/10
Rock N Roll Never felt so Good - GWAR 9/10 (No proper tab, So playing by ear)
I wanna Come - Turbonegro 3/10 Just a funny song to sing along to
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Stairway to heaven solo-7/10
Comfortably Numb 1st solo-6/10 , 10/10 to articulate like Gilmour
21st century schizoid man- 7/10
Show Me - John Legend 7/10 - A very simple song, just a tricky hammer-on/pulling off section in the intro that I want to get tighter.
Van Halen - Panama
6/10.....pretty easy
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Something I'm writing out note-by-note
10/10 for having to figure out every single note of everything except the solo(I generally just improvise those). *Is tired of doing covers and wants to get more original stuff*

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Until the day I die-Story of the Year
Cute without the e-Taking Back Sunday
Warriors of Time-Black Tide
The Boys are back in Town-Thin Lizzy
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Im learning Satch Boogie and it think its 9.5/10 for me because im more of a rythm player but I want to be able to solo so i think its a good song to learn.
Also I want to be able to play the intro to Get Out Of My Yeard by Paul Gilbert but I dont think ill be able to play it any time soon, I give it 10/10
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Between the Buried and Me- Selkies
im just trying to learn a few of my favorite riffs, and this song is extremely technical.
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Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
6/10, fairly simple, just need to work on the rhythm of it
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Cliffs of Dover.


This song is soooo hard to get clean! I can play most of the notes now, but I'm not totally sure that they are correct. It's a tough song for sure. I think I'm going to work on Technical difficulties next.
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Just having trouble timing the verses, and going to try to work on the solo some tomorrow

Mainly just the solo and a small bit of the verse. Solo's pretty easy after working on it for a while

Over the Hills and Far away
Just needed an acoustic song to work on
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"Galea Aponeurotica" - Year Long Disaster 3/10
"Cold Killer" - Year Long Disaster 4/10
"Leda Atomica" - Year Long Disaster 4/10
"Destination" - Year Long Disaster 4/10

Pretty basic Open G pentatonic stuff.
J.S. Bach- Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring
Difficulty: 8/10
Why: Very unorthodox in terms of pattern, I mean it repeats but the way your hand must move and the shapes it must make can be tricky.....for me at least.

Various noodling around with stuff like; Coldplay, Zeppelin, Chili Peppers and such as well!
Master of Puppets
Difficulty: 5/10
Hardest thing about this song: me being lazy

Difficulty: 2/10
Hardest thing about this song: me beign lazy

Cowboys from hell
difficultly: 6/10
hardest thing aobut this song: me lazy
Stream of Consciousness by Dream Theater
I know everything but the 1st solo, I usually improvise it.

A Steady Decline by After the Burial
Actually more fun than hard

Stabwound by Necrophagist
I hate myself because of this song. I start trying to play it, then stop for a couple of days. It is actually killing me.
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Slide Guitar:

"When the Levee Breaks" Led Zeppelin 4/10
Getting the slide to sound right and the main riff is a little tedious.

Regular Guitar:

"Spirit of Radio" Rush 6/10
Intro, the intro, and the intro!
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just finished Trivium - Drowned and Torn Asunder solo.
Maybe a dream theater song next?
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I'm learning Napalm Death's "You Suffer", but I can't get it down. Difficulty is probably 11/10, which is impossible. I doubt anyone here could play it, because I can't.

^ Was this supposed to be a joke? Isn't that song 1 second long? (Edit:I just looked it up, it's 1.316 seconds long)

Either way, right now I'm learning Bloodmeat by Protest the Hero. It's probably a 9 for my personal skill level. The hardest part is probably the tapping during the verses. Curse my clumsy hands!
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Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore - Bon Jovi.
Very easy, the only reason it's not a 1/10 is there's one fast little run near the end that I'm having trouble figuring out.

Time - Kouichi Korenaga.
At first I found this nearly impossible but now I've cracked a few of the basic figures, I've got most of it down. There are still two fills that I'm totally lost on, and one chord at the very start I've not worked out yet. I really need to spend more time researching my chords. This is extra hard because there's three guitar tracks going on and it can be in a few points to work out which is the lead and so on, plus the tone is a little unusual and I'm currently very hung up on getting the tone right.
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Master of Puppets - 9/10, I've been working on the solo related parts for a LONG time, lol.

Downfall - Children of Bodom - 8/10, the alternate picking can be tricky if your not a very experienced player.
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