Well, i was looking at some used Bass Guitars on my local area and i saw this: http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/msg/980262895.html

It isn't much, but when i asked the seller if that's the highest that he'll go, he said he'll go down to $60...

This would be my first time buying a Bass Guitar and now i am wondering if it is worth $60... Is it???
yes. you cant find anything worth 60 dollars in instruments. So if you are just trying to learn you should rab it. If it sucks ass then you wasted 60 bucks no big. Just make sure you are not buying it as is if you want to be able to return it.
i enjoy head
Edgecrsuher: Alright, thanks... :3

Jazzcore23: Yea, $60 is a really sweet deal, and it is just for learning... But do you know if Johnson is a good Bass brand??? :S