I had a period last year where I had no working guitars, while waiting for my new Carvin to come (which finally is here and amazing!) so while at a local music store, I saw this Carvin bolt! Which is very odd to find anything Carvin in Eastern Canada. I just had to buy it to get me thru the wait til my new Carvin came. It served me well, but now that the new one is here, It has to go to make room for 7 strings (I dont play 6 often to warrant more than 2)

It is a Carvin Kit someone bought, and they put it together, although not a great job to be honest. The paintjob is a nice light blue, and looks really awesome but it is quite amateurish, not a pro job at all. Up close theres lots of blemishes. The pickups were not really wired great either, has some buzz on some pickup selections and could use a re-wire. Other than that, its a great Carvin quality instrument as always. Neck/fretboard is amazing as usual, one of the nicest Ebony-fretboarded necks I've ever played.

Looking for $350 US shipped in North America.

Any questions, PM me! Sorry, No trades
My Buddy has one of these kits he put together. Its really good quality, free bump for you man.
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