So I've had my MIM Strat for about a year and I am happy with the general abilities of it, but finally decided I would like to swap out the PUPS. From the research I've read and the clips I've listened to, I think I would like to keep alot of versatility with the guitar and get SD Hot Rails in the bridge and Cool Rails in the neck. At this point, I do have enough money to change all 3 PUPS and would probably like to get the middle done as well as to avoid having to take it in again somewhere down the line. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to put in the middle that would compliment both the hot and cool rails? I've looked at the SD vintage rails and even the fender texas special but I can't decide what would sound good with the 5 way in positions 2 or 4.

So any ideas? Or do you think I should just stick with it stock in the middle? Or two cools and a hot?

Don't get a hot rails pup unless you play high gain. it sounds like ****e with anything else. I believe Stevie Ray Vaughan used something similar to the Texas Specials.

EDIT: Also try looking at GFS pups here.
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