I've been playing guitar a few years, simply learning the songs i liked and thought sounded good..
i've learned a few solos like
zakk wylde - Farewell ballad
metallica - enter sandman
iron maiden - trooper

and i just dont know what to do.. i really want to learn how to just play progressively and pull things from the top of my head, but i really dont know how.
i've never been able to jam with anyone, and i dont know HOW to jam..
which from what i hear, is a guitar sin. and i should probably be killed for it!

any ideas what do to next?!
i like Rock mostly, or just blindingly beautiful guitar riffs (steve lukather - Never walk alone.... mmmm :P )
and i have a Squire strat with a marshall MG30DFX amp < if that helps you help me
Get to know new bands , You might find something intresting you want to learn.
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Get to jamming! Helps you keep your tempo perfect (live songs are about having fun but you don't want to mess up the song do you?) and get into new material. Improvisation comes with due time since it isn't easy but keep practicing Scales, Arpeggios, know the notes on the fretboard, 12 blues bar combination for chords, play around with different rhythms(alternate difficult patterns to improve your picking hand) and with many practice, you won't be far.
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well, i've tried the new bands thing.. the songs are just repetitive and boring.. not much fun with guitar alone.

and i really love guitar, i wouldnt want to learn much else.
i know a few scales, and can play them pretty damn quick. and back to front.
i just dont see how a scale turns into a solo :S
dude. the scales resemble the notes you can play that will sound good together.
just take a minor scale for example and start playing note patterns(there are loads of free internet lessons about note patterns for scales) find arpeggios to match. find chords that will sound good in the key your playing in.
oh and go onto youtube and look at people jamming. how they do it, they just solo away, you know.
learn what your playing instead of the actual song, see what scales your playing. guitar pro can do that well, with a scale finder. You then use these to jam.

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Ah. That sounds simple enough.
But what's an arrpegio?
I've heard arrpeggios from hell - yngwie malmsteen. Lol
But I've never known what it is. Unless it's where you got from a high note and get lower (or the other way round) but I dontknow how to do that, other than scales.
Also, I don't understand minor and major?
you could start study theory
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Get some backing tracks and get jamming
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An arpeggio is basically where you get a chord and break it up into individual notes, strumming them in any order (the goal is to make it sound good) and then switching to another arpeggio or whatever may fit with the song. Learn different genres, metal is awesome but if you only progress in metal music, you'll be losing quite too much compared to what you gain. Try pop rock, punk rock, reggae, blues, country, jazz(I always say if you can play Jazz, you can pretty much learn anything), alternative, surfer rock. Learn progressions from the scales and theory about every note on the fretboard and if you can do that, you can go to a place and ask what scale the song is on, what tempo and you can pretty much play rhythm or lead guitar improvising around those notes, and fit in quickly in what you have to play.
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Either you remind her of a girl, or she's not a lesbian.

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