I got this Stratocaster with three single coil pickups...Im looking into buying new pickups ince the stock ones really dont sound good..I really want a nice clean tone but a really heavy tone when disrorted...I usually play Thrash,Death Metal stuff blues and some jazz....so what are gud pickups to replace these and position etc
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Well dude hmm i dono i cud be wrong but it sounds like you got the wrong guitar man...the best pickups usually for metal is usualy like one of the seymour duncan humbuckers of emg humbucker pickups in bridge possition..i dont know of a pickup thats best for both clean n metal but i do know you can but a pickup to play for metal and one to play clean but they have to be in different possition..usualy for clean tone i chose the neck pos. :S donno if i helped of not good luck
You need to get a super strat HSS kit, which gives you a humbucker in the bridge for the metal tones.
You know what the Rolling Stones said, "You can't always get what you want."

I'd suggest looking at some of the Dimarzio hum canceling pickups, but I really don't know what you can do to get all of those tones with single coils...

I'd suggest going with the HSS as well, that would help you to get that nice crunch.
they have some single coils that seymour duncan makes that are supposed to be like humbuckers: i'd try those out. Also, get active EMG single coils, those with be good for you.