Have you noticed that there is no PRS guitar priced at $700-$1500?
Either you get the $500 SE series or you have to cash out 2 grand + for a Custom. I would love to get a PRS guitar but I don't have 2 grand to spend on a guitar but also, I don't want to settle for a low end PRS.

Any opinions why PRS has no mid-range guitars?
Marketing. If they make mid-range instruments, they may only be a hair's breadth away from the top stuff. If they make intermediate guitars and pro range stuff, you may end up buying the pro guitar later on because they've reeled you in.
Yes, the Mira was designed to fill that gap. They are great guitars, and are on their way to becoming one of the more popular PRS models. Made in Maryland with PRS parts and craftsmanship. I have the vintage cherry with new birds. Believe or not, the tone is more satisfying than the custom 22s and 24s I have previously owned. It's a very addictive guitar to play
I think Miras would be alot more palateable (for me) if they did not have that ugly(opinion) pickguard.

I mean you can take it off, but then ya got holes in it.