Okay so I bought a Dean Vendetta XM and I'm courious about something. Do you guys know if there's any way to install a tremolo bar into it? I'm trying to get into the maintance aspect of guitars and I wanted to give this a shot (if it's possible).
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i think you need to install a different bridge
i'm not sure if you can do it with that particular guitar though
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It could probably be done but in the end it would not be cost effective. It would likely be cheaper to just get a guitar with a tremolo bar the next time around.
1 - buy tremolo system
2 - route body of guitar to fit system
3 - replace nut
4 - install trem system

Each step costs money.
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you dont just install a bar. you have to install the entire system. which usually includes a block, a baseplate, and maybe even a new nut(for FRs and Kahlers). it would cost anywhere from ~$30 ,if you install a strat trem and do all the work yourself, to ~$500 if you paid for some1 to install a kahler. just buy a guitar with a trem already in it if you want one.
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If you're dead set about trying this.... it is possible to install a tremolo on pretty much any guitar, but I don't think you know what you would be getting into. You would need to do some serious surgery on the instrument to fit a tremolo into it which is risky if you've never done this before. If you wanted someone else to do it, it wouldn't be worth the cash for the end result.

If you really want a guitar with a tremolo, save up and buy one. I wouldn't waste the money or time on trying to install one into this particular guitar
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Yeah its ALOT of work and money but it can be done. Bascially no matter what your gonna have to route a cavity in the back of the guitar to house your springs and claw. They you have to make sure that your chosen trem is gonna fit, if not more routing for you. If you are talking Floyd Rose then your gonna have to route the front of the guitar as well.
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