well, yesterday i woke up with absolutely nothing to do after breakfast... so i started to mess around with my keyboard and came out with a simple but yet nice chord progression.

then i got bored of the chord progression and since i'm too cheap, i tried to imitate a whammy with my keyboard, so i put it 2 octaves higher and got the pitch bending thing on 12 semitones, so as i was going up and down i got this weird spacefuturisticomputerish sound and had fun with it for a while

then i got bored of the keyboard and went to my computer, as i was listening to Set your white flags on fire (excellent russian band) i hear the sampled voices in the back and i tought it would be cool to record something with it...

as i had nothing to do except for rehearsal with my band (which was 4 hours after that moment) i decided to record my creations and get a sample from some interesting moment in mexican history (picked the olympic games cause they had a terrible background here in my country)

when i got all recorded, i tought..."well, the only that has kind of a beat is the piano part... i think i can mix the rest"

so i did, and came out with that, here you have 12/10/68 (october 10th of 1968)

it's in my profile