Hey all please write down some best ideas you can think of case i cant
Weare tryin to think of some realy cool name for our band but all we're thinking of is piece of sh*t, so im asking for help in the best place I know
Oedipus Rex and the Motherf***ers

Call me Justyn

τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ
if there was someone able to create band names, he would probably sell them for cash, because it's very hard to come up with them... You can alway choose something stupid until you become something bigger "tree hugging pussies" or "carrot natzys"
our style is punk ****ing rock well its not punk weere making somthing like punk metal xDDDDDD
yeah the band name maker wuold get alot of cash from it XDDDD
this site just generates random words
Yeah I know it just generates random words...but if you find a word you like...enter it in the generator. We usually just use this for laughs at band practice but some of the stuff is usable.
Fast Melody, Exuberant Legend, Bewildered Fate, Forbidden Lightbringer, Voiceless Harmony, Modern Legacy, Forthcoming Leech, Unspoken Dimension, Neo Heritage, Destiny('s) Sky, Tasteless Supernova, Anxious Dynasty, Relieved Breakthrough, Tasteless Supernova, Jealous Death, Silver Harmony, Master of Magnificence, The Eleventh Legend, Fearless Saga, Unforgiven Citadel, Depressed Stronghold, Thoughtful Mine, Perfect Melody, Fearless Vengeance, Soft Halo, The Tenth Reality, Thoughtless Countdown, Unvoiced Light, Approaching Fantasy, Helpless Temple, Lost Magnificence, Lost Scars, Eternal Line, Moaning Birthright, Neo Temple, Homeless guardian(s), Salty Dream(s), The Ninth Death
Disturbed Spawn, Minimum Star, Hushed Angel(s), Old Link, The Second Tear, Depressed Thunder, Agreeable Demon(s), Neo Darkness, Pleasant Impresson, The Eleventh Dream(s), Thoughtless Crisis, Ill Birthright, Melodic Dimension, Brief Death, Defeated Dream(s), Resonant Fantasy, Blurred Sin(s), Enthusiastic Sin(s)
The First Lightbringer, Foolish Angel(s),

Because im in the same situation atm, let me know if these are any good.
yrah some of them was good but most of them was real funny
yeah its somethinjg like hardocore punk metal, **** genree sounds cooler than the band name
down with the king sounds like down with the sickness from disturbed its good but not very much
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