i can tell you without even looking at the video.

zvex fuzz factory.
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Please daddy, just for one hour.
No way... I can have Manson put a Fuzz Factory into my axe?! Sweet! That could be something to look at once I've rebuilt it.

Okay, thanks guys, that's cool
I'm able to get that sound using a Catalinbread V8 fuzz pedal, a much cheaper alternative if you can get one somewhere, got mine off eBay brand new for about $180AU inc shipping, which would be about 80 pounds I thinks. It's only got two knobs, gain and volume, unlike the FF which has about 5. You set squeal pitch with the gain knob on the pedal, then use the volume knob on your guitar to adjust it, doing stuff like Matt does in that video. Great fuzz tone also.