I have a POD X3 Live and a Boss RC20XL, and I need to know how to hook them up. I just need to play a guitar through both of these into an amp, and I would need the output from the RC20XL to go through a different channel on the X3 than the guitar. What I was going to do is plug the guitar in through the "Guitar Input" on the X3, take a 1/4 inch cable from one of the "Live Out" outputs into the RC20XL's "Instrument" input, and then from the RC20XL's "Output" to the X3's "Aux Input", so basically make a loop. I would then have one channel dedicated to the auxilliary input and one to the guitar, and they could come out of one or two amps.

Would this work? I know it's complicated, but if someone owns both of these pedals or even just one, it shouldn't be too hard to see what I'm saying.

If it doesn't work, what's a different/easier way to do it?