i just received my epiphone les paul custom and the pick ups where a bit on the wonky side. the neck pickup is wonky and i dont know if it is meant to be like this or has the pick up cover not been tightened enough? anyways does this 'wonkiness' affect the sound or not?
i dont know what you mean by wonky but if the pickups are raised higher at one end its supposed to because thats the way the body of the guitar gos
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Usually the bridge pickup will be raised higher than the neck pickup.
Could you give us a picture of some sort to show what you mean, is the pickup itself rotated?
Or is it the poles height?
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"Wonky" doesn't really tell us anything. The first thing I would check is pickup height. If the pickups are to close to the strings they will become overbearing and you won't hear any of the tone from the guitar. I recommend you have the pickups set about 1 /4" away from the strings. As far as the pickup poles go me around with them with a flathead screwdriver. I have found pole setting is usually all about personal preference.
I bought a Les Paul Custom Silverburst. If you mean about the pickups being uneven, mine's that same way.
Wonky probably means 'wobbly' when you touch it, as if if were not tightened down sufficiently, but some pickups do that yeah. Coverless ones. ^^

edit: oh wait you do have pickup covered

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