All right so i'm looking to buy a new bass, currently i have a very old samick made in korea that I bought in a pawn shop a few years ago, i blew up the P pickup and the J pickup is pretty noisy, so now that I'm finished with getting some guitar gear I want a good bass. I'm going to play bass with a new band too, and I'm looking for a weird tone, i'm going to add some distortion and effects and everything. It's going to sound kind of punkish with some electro influences, such as mindless self indulgence, We Are Wolves, stuff like that..
I was thinking of maybe a fender jazz (mim) or mustang, or maybe an epiphone Tbird although it doesn't seem very popular...
Defiantly the J Bass out of those two, the Tbird isn't nearly versatile for the stuff your gonna be playing.
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I hate to sound annoying, but there's a very good solution to your problem:
Go to a guitar shop, try loads of basses out, see which one you like and buy it.

Or, if in doubt, buy a fender Jazz, it can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.
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The mustangs are short scale, but they're pretty cool, they still have a very full sound.

But you can never go wrong with a Jazz.
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