While I was browsing UK online guitar shops, I noticed that many amplifier that are made in Britain are extensively overpriced in the United States and Canada. For example Orange Rockerverb 50 Head is going at £1079.00 at Masons.co.uk, that is $1547.22 US, $500 more expensive than it is offered at humbuckermusic at $1959.00.
Of course, most foreign amps will be overpriced in the States and Canada to protect domestic manufacturers. For this reason, I'm looking for amps that are made in United States or Canada that has a nice British overdrive. (Mostly looking for high-end amps)
The only domestic amp that I know that is sort of Marshallish is Traynor however I haven't seen many high-end Traynor heads here.

Any suggestions on amp brands?

Well, there's Fender, Peavey (particularily classic 30/50 which is basically a VOX AC and quite cheap too), some Carvins and some Mesa-Boogies
two rock lol

or just browse around. you'll probably be able ti pick a marshall up for just a little bit more (don't forget, it has to be shipped halfway around the world) than we do over here in britain.

check ebay, that's a good place to start.
Metropoulos, Soldano, Splawn...

Lots of things do "Marshall" quite well.
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You can get Marshall's at great used prices in the US. They have their nameplate which brings them to America by the thousands, many people want to upgrade shortly thereafter.

Splawn probably builds the best Marshall clone, especially for the money.

Never hurts to check out Craigslist, Ebay, or Harmony Central for what you want though.
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