Im trying to figure out the difference between major and minor pentatonic scales. I was told that the difference is you just move the shape of the minor scale 3 frets down and it becomes major. But if move just move the shape 3 frets then you start playing notes of our key right? Theres 1 pentatonic pattern that uses all the strings, same fret, if you move that 3 frets either direction you hits notes of key dont you?
i'm not quite sure of your question, but you if you move the shape of the minor scale down three frets it will still be minor, just in a different key
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Major Pentatonic uses the notes R, 2, 3, 5 & 6 of the major scale (R=Root note)

Minor pentatonic uses R, b3, 4 5, b7 (R=Rote note, b=flat)

Thats the difference between them.

It can be helfull to learn by using 'patterns' but ultimately that will stunt your learning in the long term. It's better in so many ways to learn the all notes on the fretboard and understand the intervals for each scale.

The shapes of each scale do 'cross over themselves' (for want of a better term) but you'd understand it much clearer if you follow this advice.
Alright I think i got it figured now, just wondering, if your playing minor pentatonic scales in then switch to major, you have to change key right?
yes you do. let's say, the minor pentatonic A scale is different than the major pentatonic scale A.

A minor pentatonic:
e ---------------------------------------5---8--------------------------------------------------------
B --------------------------------5--8----------------------------------------------------------------
G ------------------------5--7------------------------------------------------------------------------
D ----------------5--7--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A ---------5--7-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E --5--8----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A major pentatonic
e --------------------------------------5--7--------------------------------------------------------
B -------------------------------5--7---------------------------------------------------------------
G -----------------------4--6-----------------------------------------------------------------------
D ----------------4--7------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A ---------4--7-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E --5--7--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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dan2005 is right in his own way. You dont move the shape 3 frets down, you just move the starting note 3 frets down.

e.g. Play the A minor pentatonic at the 5th fret. Now play the exact same pattern at the same fret, but leave out the very first note. You've just played The C Major pentatonic scale.
check here and here .