my.... god....
something's wrong here but i can't quite put my finger on it...
Hahahahahahahahahah hahahaha har har har
I saw the exact same thread a couple of weeks ago
Trust me I'm a doctor

A doctor with a mustache
they're wearing the same shorts and shirt! man that's creepy...
Hahahahahahahahahah hahahaha har har har

lol jk, but please dont re-start the pit's "Disturbed" era

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I have one night stand next to my bed, I keep a glass of water on it!


... I also float a little boat made of fail in it.

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haha lol, i ahve diooreah , and if i laff 2 mch il squirt lkolz

English please?
I sued Delta Airlines, 'cause they sold me a ticket to New Jersey, I went there, and it SUCKED.
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That movie was awesome.

i too enjoyed that movie...