I know I should use diffrent scales but which ones?

I learned the basic major scale and the dorian lirian and mixlodian modes (I'm Portuguese so sorry if I got the modes name wrong ) but they sound like portuguese popular music.

When I use pentatonics (I'm very good with the minor ones) it sounds cool but it sounds so bland!

How can I improve this and make it work?
practice practice practice. One thing I use to do was learn the tricky Jimi Hendrix solos or some led zeppelin solos. The solo in Pink Floyd's money is a good one to. All this practice will show you what other musicians are doing so they dont sound bland. You'll learn a ton of new licks that you'll incorporate into your improv.
learning more scales isnt the answer dude, you just need to improve your phrasing.. you can play nearly everything just knowing your major scale well
man I can phrase decently. I've practiced that a lot. But my major scale improvs sound like s***
Focus on melody. When you're improvising, consciously try to come up with the main theme that the solo will be based on, with a few minor separate themes, and base the whole solo around these themes and variations of them.
That's where practice comes in

It is quite hard, I'm finding it very hard myself. In fact, I really need to start properly practicing again. Over the last few months I've slowly been getting worse and worse, need to sit down and start practicing slowly again.
Of course it's hard, and everyone can improve their improv...
I would LOVE to give you some kind of shortcut, easy way out - but there is no shortcut...

I bet you have your favorite guitarists when it comes down to solos, guitarists you want to sound like... Learn some of their solos.
Always improve your technique.
Always try to incorporate some new theoretical ideas in your improv.
And simply - improvise. Download few backtracks (or make some) and improvise over them, always trying to find new way...
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man I can phrase decently. I've practiced that a lot. But my major scale improvs sound like s***

Here's the thing. New scales won't help you out much. The scale or mode is dictated by the chords you're playing over.

For example you're playing in the key of D, and you're playing a D, A Em, G, A progression.

Over the D, you're playing Dmajor, over the A you're playing A Mixolydian, over the Em, it's E Dorian, G is G Lydian and so on.

All those scales contain the exact same notes as Dmajor. In fact they're the D major scale starting on different notes.

Sure if you're playing some blues based I IV V progression in A you could play A maj, A Blues, Am, A Dorian, A Mixolydian, but you've got to really be aware of what you're doing to make it work.

So what's my point? Scales aren't the answer.

Most of the best guitar solos ever written are simply minor pentatonic. It's nothing more than phrasing and melody.

If you're still looking at your scales as boxes or pattens you should really start to try to look at playing across the entire neck of the guitar instead of just one little section. However, until then a little trick you can try is if you're playing in the key of A, try playing the F# minor pentatonic. It's the exact same scale, but it's a more familar way of playing it. Just keep in mind that the "strong" notes are in different places.