Ok so my band has decided to start playing heavier music (somewhat). I am also currently looking at buying another guitar anyway (maybe a Schecter or Ibanez s-series, havent decided yet).

What are the pros and cons..of a 7 string vs a Baritone guitar vs. standard 6-string in drop C?

I am sure it is a matter of opinion and personal preference, just want to get some ideas from you guys.

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well, i dunno much about those models, but i can tell that with iobanez you're gonna get passive pups, that SHOULD be more versatile than the active pickups you're gonna get from schecter. anyway don't know how heavy will be your stuff, but the active pups are the best for metal (death metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, etc.)

another one, schecter guitars has thicker necks than ibanez (in fact, ibanez is known for they very very thin necks.) IN THEORY, thinner necks are better for fast playing (whcich i assume you'll be trying to get, since heavier music often has fast solos and stuff) but it is a matter of preference really... at least this is what i can help you with.

finally, i like schecter more... obviously that is JUST my opinion.

hope i've been somewht helpful.
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Yea I've been looking at the models and from what I have heard / experienced from active pups is they do THAT sound good, I think Schecter has a 7 string with the JB / 59 pups and figured it would be more versatile.

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baritone and seven string are lower than a 6 in drop c - pretty much it oh and there way harder to find
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If you're not set on having a floating bridge, I'd definitely go with the Schechter
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