When you go to the shop, (I guess its ugitar center for the americans )what do you play on that bass you've always wanted to try out?
Today I played murder on the dancefloor.

Usually I'll just improvise

EDIT: Come on come over by jaco is good as well
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Shes only 18 is one of my favourites for testing bass's. And then i just try different techniques with it and make up stuff. Ir slap drum beats the same as the people in the Drum Section.
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you play what you would plan to be playing on the bass if you were to own it.
^^not necessarily helpful.
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my favoritwe seems to be the intro to heaven can wait.
roundabout is a favorite too.
All sorts of things, ranging from Metallica to the Beatles. some improvisation.
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The bridge to Orion is a good one, followed by the first half to Pulling Teeth. The Trooper is a good one to do as well - those three songs will basically tell me how the bass feels when I play it.
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I actually only play licks to check the setup of the instrument. I play YYZ to check for neck bow, Ramble On to check for action. I also play my bands' licks to see how the instrument sounds. Plus I like noodling.
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When I play on 5 string basses, I like to do a lot of prog, as it usually is all over the neck, and that way I can see if the thicker neck is still a good size for my hand, even though I know that propper technique will solve that problem... I also like to play the intro to Sweet Child O Mine, and Come Together as well, to test upper fret access.
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I usaly just play anything that comes in my head at that moment.

For me, this. But it is usually something from the following list:
I will Survive by Cake
Ain't Know Mountain High Enough
Antipop by Primus (one of the only slap songs I know, sad to say)
John The Fisherman
the first few sections of Anesthesia Pulling teeth (Though I play that more often when trying out new FX)
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everything. I often will play something that comes into my head, and improvise off of it.
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