Well, About two weeks before Christmas I saw a Gibson LP GOTH at GC but really didn't want to spend $700.00 on it at the time. I bought and sold a nice Gibson LP Custom and made a huge profit so I decided to get the GOTH one but it had sold. I had told my GF about it and thought maybe she got it for me as a Christmas present but it was sold before she got there as well. The salesman/manager who knows me well hooked her up with something he thought I would like but it had to be shipped from a GC in MI. Well for some reason it didn't make it before Christmas but came this afternoon. I had to wait until she got here before I opened it and I was very surprized she got me a used 2007 Epi LP GOTH.

Now of course I checked it out with a fine tooth comb and really can't find a thing wrong with it except for the usual buckle rash that looks like it might be able to be buffed out. So the next step was to play it. I wasn't expecting too much considering these cost about 3 bills new and I have played a ton of them but to my surprize it sounded just as good and played as good as the Gibson one I tried a few weeks ago. The thing plays like butter the action is amazingly low and no fret buzz. The pups sound very good and I found out it has Gibson 498T and 490Rs in it the previouse owner swapped the pups. Stacy (my GF) had no clue what all that meant it was my friend at GC who hooked her up with what he figured I would like and I have to say they both did very well!

Have fun with it!

It looks great

I came very close to purchasing one but found a great deal on another guitar. But you'll greatly enjoy it
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A little update. I had to make a little truss rod adjustment. After the guitar warmed up when it got here it was cold, probably sat in the UPS truck or in a cold warehouse off and on for a week. I started getting a little fret buzz once it got aclimated to the temp in my house and when I checked the neck was too straight. Once I did that it was back to normal. I have been playing it every chance I get just to get used to the feel and personality of the guitar the more I play the more I like it. I always thought the Epi Goths were just OK but worth the money but I have to say it's probably one of the better Epi LPs I have played in a while. I know people hate to hear this but it does play and feel just as good as the Gibson one I wanted at first. I have to say the Epi does have Gibby pups and I am sure that is a big reason I like it so much.

I would have prefered the LP Custom.. :P
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I brought the the GOTH Epi to a shop with me today to check out an amp I was interested in and after playing for a while the owner asked me if I swapped the pick ups I said no but from what I understand they were swapped by the previous owner with Gibson 498T and 490Rs he said they didn't sound like Gibson 498T and 490Rs so he asked if he could check it out if he replaced the strings so I figured hell I get a free set of strings go for it he said they are actually 57 Classic Alnico-Vs and from the solder joints they were original. So I checked a few old books and sure enough that's what it came with right from Epi. Score!

Nice guitar, but a Line 6 halfstack?

No way is that a good idea.
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I love these things. Goth LPs are amazing! Wanted one, but I dunno if I really want another black guitar
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Thanks guys. I love my Line 6 the AMP I tried yesterday was a fail so I passed. I eventually would love to get the three other GOTH series guitars V, Explorer and SG but so far all the used ones I have come across were pretty beat and over priced.

This LP plays and sounds great I really love it. I feel there are too many black guitars in my collection but it seems that is the color a lot of companies make more of.