i am saving up for a 6505 head, i am wondering how does it sound when run through a peavey 6505 4x12 speaker cab? are peavey cabs any good compared with other brands?

this may sound like a dumb question as they are made to go together, but i'm wondering how it compares with other cabs. cheers
i never tried peavey cabs
but avatar and vader cabs are great
and i tried a 5150 through a mesa cab once (but i forgot what speakers are in there) and it sounds great

but peavey makes great PA equipment
so i think it might sound good
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i hear bad things about those peavey cabs, but no experience with them.
as stated, i see alot of people on here use vader and mesa cabs with 5150s, but ive seen alot of local guys who use marshall cabs.
avatar is a nice way to go too
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I played said head thru said cab before and it was just OK. I'd rather have a 212 with better speakers. Is this new or used gear you are buying?

Peavey isn't known for using great speakers in their guitar amps. I guess to keep costs down.
Vader, Mesa, and Marshall tend to be the 3 cab choices for Peavey users on here, whether it be a Valveking, JSX, 6505, etc. All 3 are great choices if paired with the right speakers.
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The speakers in the 6505 cabinet are based on Celestion greenbacks which are not designed to be used in heavier styles of music. If your planning on using it for modern metal as 95% of us would then you should look into a cab with some more modern voiced speakers.
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If you can afford it, get a Mesa cab. Every time I play through a Peavey cab at GC or anywhere else, I kinda get dissappointed with the tone. Mesas are top of the line.
If you can't afford to spend like $1000 on that, then check out Vader, a Marshall 1960, or even Avatar.
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I've owned a Peavey 5150 4x12 slant cab for years. It's one of the heaviest sounding cabinets I've ever played. My Peavey XXX sounds great through it. Sure Marshall cabs sound more immediate to me and the Mesa's sparkle more, but $1000 for something I'm going to drag through a bar parking lot?
It's too middy for me - think EVH tapping kind of tone.
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