Basically I have Logic Studio, and i'm thinking of buying an MBox 2 but i want to know how I can record in Pro Tools and then transfer the recordings into Logic to mix the song

thanks in advance
Check in your Pro Tools settings, where the software saves your project files. Your audio files should be there. Import them in Logic, and mix
Just curious.... why would you want to do that? Isn't that just an unnecessary step?

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I don't know, I would prefer to mix in Logic.

But then, I'd just record in Logic too...
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ya, why not just get an interface that you can record into logic with. M-Boxs are friggin nasty.
I would rather use one program or the other and skip exporting stages which takes a lot of time...

ProTools is a fair program but I never liked the interface of it...it just seems basic and poorly designed in terms of the graphics. Avid video editor is the same way and they own the ProTools company.
I love logic, but like people say, there is no point getting pro tools just to use logic to mix, if you were using logic just to master then who cares, but see if you can get a second hand motu 828mkii off ebay, better A/D converters, better preamps, better unit, you can get it in USB and firewire just make sure you know what you want. Also if you ever get more preamps/a mixer you can multitrack. Wait... you have logic, of course you have firewire. Thats my sugestion. Actually a presonus makes some good interfaces too.
Maybe he wants to use a Logic only plugin?

Either way just export the tracks as individual .wav files and import them into Logic.
Maybe he does, but I think what most people are saying is why record in Pro Tools at all.
There is poetry in despair.
Quote by fridge_raider
Maybe he does, but I think what most people are saying is why record in Pro Tools at all.

I dunno, it's a weird one. From experience the only time i've had to mix in different software was when my band recorded at a place that used Logic when I use Cubase.