hello everyone!

new to UG so i thought id share some recording and see what ya think. ive never really shared any of my music because i dont think i can write worth a damn. but please share your input! its just a little demo i threw together using my computer mic. heh... thanks for stoppin by!

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where is it
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I liked it, sounded like a simplified-John Mayer imo. You can write very well, and it had a bluesy feel to me almsot at the beginning. One thing, i did not like the effect used on the guitar, try using a reverb or chorus. Your singing is also like Mayer's, but has a more of a 'whispy' tone, airy, not full. Nice.
I like it! Its really hard to get people to listen to your stuff but I was drawn in. Its way cooler than john mayer ( i may be a little biased because im not a fan of him) If you get a chance tell me what you think of my stuff. Ther just ideas I dont have the complete songs done yet but id appreciate the input.