i play guitar for almost 3 years now, a half year with plektrum, i got my eletric guitar 4 month ago... an one or two weeks ago i started training with metronom... (scale picking) i want to

i mage quick progression to 160 bpm one note per click but now i´m struggling with 90 bpm, 2 notes per click for a few days... my problem is that i´m changing between alternate and economy picking and i loose the rythm...

when i don´t think while picking i do economy automatically, but only when picking as fast as i can, (which is pretty fast but my left hand is to slow xD)

next problem is, i think it´s the only thing that will improve my skills really cause i´m pretty good at improvising but on my acoustic... but my favorite guitarists are will adler and kerry king (shred riffing xD like every noob)

i know a few scales (keys) like a,e,h minor that i can improvise with (or the major ones of them) and a bit of harmonic minor, i can do double stops, triads, pinch harmonics, bends and vibrato (good enough in my opinion) cause i like shredding stuff

i learned lamb of god´s redneck all the way through but it sounded like **** cause i didn´t get the rythm over the whole thing, that´s why i started scale picking... which leads to the beginning

i need your advice what to do.... (i have a lot of time to practice) ^^
If your notes are on the same string then you alternate pick and when it changes strings then economy pick. Slow it right down and concentrate on what you are picking. Dont move your right hand too much and keep it close to the strings.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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thanks for quick answer, so i will use economy, but what can i practice beside scale picking? chromatics?

and how can i start doing metal myself? i practised a lot (over 20 sons each) metallica and lamb of god, but i can´t do something like that myself