Alright so...been playing for two years and just bought a ESP/LTD mh53. i know how to adjust the spring tension but... when changing the strings on a flord rose bridge, does the end of the string go under the little blocks down there? and if so, should the block be flush with the saddle (like pushed all the way down?)? ill put pics if anyone needs em. please...hlep out a poor noob.
Yeah pics and I should be able to help
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dont take it to the shop!!!

i had this problem too. they dont need to go under the little blocks, the little blocks just pinch it inside the saddle and hold the string in.

but remember tight, but not too tight!

it seems like it wouldnt hold, but it does. just have faith that im not blowin smoke up your ass.

stick the end of the string in between the block and the saddle (you dont even have to take that lil block out of the saddle) and just tighten it down.

oh and read the Ultimate Floyd Set- Up thread. it doesnt cover that saddle issue, but will help you with everything else.

EDIT: oh and yes, the block will be flush with the saddle, as long as you dont put the string under it. just stick the string into the saddle, positioned between the saddle and block, and just tighten it down...it will hold.
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