this is a song i wrote with a friend
its metalcore, a bit of dissonance, a bit of melo lead.
i know the verses sound faily boring but remember there arent vocals tabbed out.

c4c, thanks
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Too be honet I was surprised with 17 views no one has commented. Granted you have to go into this with the mindset that it's metalcore...but good metalcore at that. At least I enjoyed it. And as you mentioned vocals would definitely help fill this in cause some parts seem basic..but considering some guy will be screaming over it puts it into perspective. One thing I would say this is missing that is classic of good metalcore songs is a good drop. Even a flashy solo would help spicen this up. Another critique I have is the outro...just kinda bla's out...a nice powerful ending would do nicely for this. All in all pretty decent...just touch it up and add some key parts and you'll have a nice tune here!! :]

really good starting, and it really has the pulse that the disturbed songs has
the chorus was really good, liked the drum variations, although i could imagine a longer song with a solo. it was good :]]
sounds a lot like early all that remains material. the song is not very interesting with the abundance of metalcore..you should try to avoid the generic bits like the breakdowns, change the intro riff into something more orginal, and perhaps add a solo.
my aunt said ''turn down the volume'' and didn't said that with the reggae, so it is too heavy, didn't like the song that much though.