Mainly indifferent, but I do like her song "I kissed a girl" and dislike her one "hot and cold" or w/e

havnt heard much else

i kissed a girl's fun to strum along to though :P
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Would rag, and would dance to her music. Thats about it. No need for emotion.
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Oh my bloody god. Imagine if you were a girl and you woke up to find your little brother's friend standing over you with his erect penis on your breasts...

If by love, you mean, I want to put my titan penis inside her vaginal walls of fortitude, then yes.
I got to say something, when i heard "I kissed a girl" I said: Funny, and i liked it but in the most simply way, she was just one more of the typical pop-girls.
But about 3 weeks ago a friend showed me her performance where she was playing the guitar and i was really surprised, in a good way, she actually plays really good. Now I tell my self "don't ever judge a book by its cover"

I actually like her now more ;-)
Not a fan.
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Is that a ukulele in your pants, or did you just rip ass to the tune of "Aloha Oi"?

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At party's I do a segue from Knocking On Heavens Door into Hot n Cold, same chords, nobody expects it
dont like her at all, songs are pretty cheesy, and she looks slightly like a man with long hair.....id still **** anne wilson anyday over katy perry...even though shes getting hefty.....
I love her.
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Like her music, not her personality.

I was surprised as well that she plays guitar. Thinking of You is my fav but I've only heard the singles
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