i put a set of 12's on yesterday, and im pretty used to 9's but anyways, now when i play my neck feels fatter.....?
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You just have to get used to the difference in gauge. Changing from 9s to 12s is a HUGE change so you may be readjusting your technique to play with them.
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From 9 to 12? Holy ****, that can't be good for your neck. Seriously, you know that thing could crack don't you?

as long as it's set up right he should be fine
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The neck isn't fatter, its the change of strings. Its hard to adjust such a drastic change like that. I'm just moving from 10's to 11's, and it is a little weird to get used to. I played 12's a week or two ago, and it just felt wrong. I loved the tone though.
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