I just got my ENGL Blackmore back, 100% retubed and biased pretty hot. The tubes in it were 4 years old, so you can probably imagine the sound change was pretty drastic.

To complicate things, I recently put my 15 band EQ back in my loop to dick around with.

I am completely overwhelmed with the tones I'm getting. The new tubes really filled out the sound. I am now at a loss at how I should go ahead and EQ the amp, and the 15 band EQ in the loop.

What routine or strategy do my fellow 10/15 band EQ people follow to dial in the sound? I'm having a hard time figuring out which bands to boost, cut, etc. to get a tight, full and rich sound. Last time I set everything up (with the old tubes) I spent 4 hours tinkering, when I gave up on a logical approach and started trying pretty random settings. Took me a good 7 hours to decide on settings I liked.

You can check my sig for my gear, my profile for the stuff I play and I'll list my tubes below:

4x JJ 6l6GC
3x JJ 12ax7
1x ENGL 12ax7 (PI)

any advice would be appreciated.
WTLTL 2011
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Generally I set the eq flat... Then slider by slider go up 12 and down 12 to see what part of the sound each one effects. Then adjust to taste from there. Also I like to get a decent on board eq setting first then tweak/improve on that tone with the eq pedal from there.