Hello, I want to get something that will let me recrd my guitar directly into my laptop. It must have very nice tone for lead guitar within a rasonable price range around 100 pounds.

I was originally thinking about getting the Line 6 POD 2.0, or Guitar Port, but i'm not sure about the tone quality.

I want something that will give me good lead sounds for Yngwie and Gilbert style things. I'm not saying I want their tones (but that would always be nice :P) it's just that some pedals/etc. aren't very good for lad guitar.

Price range is around the 100 pound mark, but I COULD go up to 200 if there was something really worth it.

I have also thought about the Zoom GFX-3 and so far this looks like my best bet If anyone knows of any other Zoom models like the GFX-3 but more up to date or just generally better I would much appreciate of you could tell me!

So, any suggestions?

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I would trust the POD. I used to use a POD Xt Live for my recordings and it did a decent job. Using something from Line 6 that was made specifically for recording would probably be good as well. A lot of people flame a lot about Line 6 products, but it is all BS. Line 6 make quality products at an affordable price. To many people think a higher price is higher quality, this is not always the case. My advice: Trust the POD. Try it out and you will most likely be satisfied.
If it's blue, then it MUST smell good.
Thanks for the reply!

I ordered a POD 2.0 yesterday, and the reason I made this thread was because I started to doubt the tone quality after watching numerous previews including a preview of a direct recording with the same guitar I have.

I will try it out and if unsatisfied probably get the GFX-3, but thank you again for the advice.

Please people, keep the suggestions coming!