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A bit of a silly yet newbie question. I've only been playing guitar a few months with one of them starter kits (made by Encore). Anyways I've recently upgraded to a Fender Mexican Strat, for £420 which was a big investment.

As I've spent alot, I want to take good care of the strat so I've read up on guitar maintenance and etc but the question is, just regarding guitar polish.

As I've been told Im supposed to polish the guitar body regular, but the fretboard only needs the polish everytime I change strings which is every few months i presume?

The silly question is do you use the same polish/oil you use on the body of the guitar on the fretboard, or is it different chemicals/polish for the two separate parts? Feel a bit paranoid doing anything to it due to the price and it sounds so damn good now, just dont want the sound quality to fade if i use any harmful stuff on the fretboard :P.

If anyones kind enough, mind recommending a decent kit/polish they use I can purchase from a store (live in UK).
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I use a guitar polish for the body by dunlop, and I clean the fretboard whenever I change strings using lemon oil.

polish: http://de.woodbrass.com/images/woodbrass/DUNLOP+POLISH.JPG
lemon oil:http://www.muziekmetropool.nl/ProdImages/dunloplemonoil.jpg

also grab yourself a couple of really soft cloths. 1 for the body and 1 for the neck.

Wipe everything down with a normal dry cloth after extensive playing, and give your guitar a nice polish and cleaning whenever you change strings, and you'll be in great shape
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