Hopefully this is the right forum,

I am currently ready to record a quick 4 song demo
I do not have a full band right now, nor do I want one
so I've decided to try to use a drum machine to record with
it seemed to work well enough for the first three BTMI albums

can anyone suggest a nice drum machine program?
preferably a cheap one
and one that has the ability to do triplets(last demo of program i used could not)

Thanks in advanced
doesn't you're mac come with Garage Band?

just set the tempo and write a drum track.

EDIT: GarageBand does triplets - it won't allow you to change tempo midway through a piece though (at least I haven't figured out how if you can do it). So if you want to do that you have to get creative with your solutions.
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i tried garageband drums for awhile, but they ticked me off on how hard they were to mess with
I used to use Fruity Loops on my windows
So I would like something close to the same interface as far as the drum sequencing goes
Garage band is pretty easy to use. It's just a matter of getting used to something new. I do drum tracks in DP, Logic, Garage Band, Reason..... it's all more or less the same once you learn them.

BTW EZ Drummer is a great plug in. I'm pretty sure it works in Garage Band, and has much more realistic sounds.
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ill check out EZ drummer

should I get the iDrum plug in?

I haven't tried that yet so I can't say. EZ drummer is awesome. Battery by native instruments is great as well. They aren't free or anything though.
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eh EZ drummer still doesnt have that interface im looking for
it does get some wicked sounds though
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Why don't you just get fruity loops for Mac if thats the only interface your willing to work with?

NM, I guess there is no Mac version.

If your not willing to learn something new you might want to go back to PC.
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