I have a Gibson Challenger, a 1983 Single Humbucker Pickup model.

I intend to fully refinish, as well as replace the pickups.

However I'm not sure if it is possible to convert a single humbucking to a double humbucking model.

The body has been hollowed out to house the 2nd pickup, but the wiring is where I'm not sure how to proceed.



And would I also have to drill the faceplate to allow the new tone knobs to fit?

Can post pictures if it helps. Answer here or PM
if its been routed all you should have to do is drill between the pickup cavity and the main control cavity to my knowledge

also you don't need to add more knobs if you don't want to drill the plate
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There is more information, again I'm looking to upgrade to 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers, just not sure if it is possible.
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i'm not sure what the problem is.

i see you have a guard. pickups get secured to the guard.

i see you have holes in the guard, for the pots. if they don't line up then drill holes in the plastic.

and if you're putting sds i, then i saw that you already had the seymour duncan HH 3way switch schematic, in the other thread.

that wire might lead to the bridge for a ground. hard to tell. you would have to push a wire thru and see where is ends up.

oh i see, you've got that wire already connected in there. so then yeah, leave that one connected to the bridge post and put that wire into your main ground pool when you hook up the new pups.

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That's the bridge ground wire. Notice how it's soldered to the back of one of your pots?

What's the question here?
If there's space, cut the pickguard, or if possible, cut a new one, so you can keep tha old one.

Buy a new 3 way switch, and wire it like the diagramon Seymour Duncan for a 3-way, 2 humbucker, 1 volume, 1 tone setup.
Does anyone know where the schematics for single tone volume knob for 2 humbuckers is? I can only find schematics for the 4 knob set up.