I was wondering what it usually costs to have someone replace two humbuckers, excluding the cost of the new humbuckers?

I am thinking of buying an Ibanez RGR420EX and swapping the humbuckers with better DiMarzios. I think there is a local shop near my house that can take care of it, since I don't know how to. I was just curious what it might cost me.

Thanks a lot.
I've seen anything from free to $150 bucks...

Some people are generous, and some people will milk every last cent outta' you.

It's SIMPLE to do by yourself after you look at some wire charts and get some practice with a soldering iron.
Depends on how good friends you are with the shop and where you got the pups. I'd try and do it yourself though
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new pickups can be anywhere from 150 for a pair to 200 dollars each... just look them up and find the price.

getting them installed can be anywhere from 20 bucks to 200, depending on how big a douche the guy doing the work wants to be. of course, some guys are serious experts, and come highly recommended, etc... but your average retail shop guitar tech shouldn't be too expensive.
I don't have the equipment to do it myself, and I don't want to mess up on my new guitar (the warrantee doesn't cover that!).

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Well if you see yourself needed to do more wiring in the future then go th DIY route. It honestly isn't that hard. But if not just ask the shop how much it would be and if it's too expensive then just do it yourself.
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its really not hard if you have a soldering iron

the average cost around me to have a pickup replaced is like 35 bucks...
dude its hella expensive. i was gunna have someone do that but its like $200 where i live so i just did it myself, its really not that hard... first time i used a solder and it still works pretty easy
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