Can anyone tell me how the thickness of the necks on squier and fender strats/teles compare? I learned on an acoustic, and am getting an electric sometime soon. When I tried the squier the neck was wayyyy to thin for me so are the fender strats and telecasters the same width???

As of right now I'm leaning towards a les paul or PRS Se custom. although I havent had a chance to try any out at the shop yet this is based only on the fact that I read that both those guitars have pretty thick necks.
yeah ull find any guitars that have a bolt on neck will usually be pretty thin
and logically, bound necks like PRS or Gibson will be a bit thicker, so if you dont like
the fenders lean towards something bound on.
Epiphone gives quality like Gibsons similar to that of squier in terms of fender, i fyou understand my meaning,
so something like an epiphone might fit your hand and your budget.
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Tele's and strats have basically the same neck. Subtle differences. Everything will feel thin compared to an acoustic. A PRS will too. My PRS is way thinner than my acoustic. Les Pauls have chunky necks, but feel smaller than an acoustic to me too.
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The neck on my Custom Shop Tele and Hot Rod '62 Strat measure almost 7/8" thick. That's measuring from the side of the fingerboard. Kind of difficult to get an exact measurement, but that's close. The neck on my PRS CE24 measures close to 3/4".