Classic German version of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, they're on the archives so I figured they could go here. Any fans? They're self titled album absolutely rules.
"Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock (until 1972), Progressive/Hard Rock/Jazz Fusion (later)"

Got my attention. I'll have to check some of their stuff out.

Edit: Listening to the self-titled now, very nice. A quick search reveals the album is also easy to find, I'm putting this on my to buy list.
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This band were wicked, like the Uriah Heep that time forgot. Anyone who says this isn't metal is a tool.
La mayyitan ma qadirun yatabaqqa sarmadi
Fa idha yaji' al-shudhdhadh fa-l-maut qad yantahi

Raptoral judgement upon all our sins
This placid island of ignorance
As much as I love the self-titled, I like Banquet the most hahha

It's far from metal though, some weird progressive rock with a jazz big band and Deep Purple style sound, I love it
I’m not the man I used to be, I... I can’t go back to Arkham.

I... I should return to Arkham.

Among the churchyard’s mouldering stones I recognise a name – my own.
I have come home to Arkham.

I've been seeing this band pop up a lot.

I have Where the Groupies Killed the Blues and I'm Just A Rock 'N Roll Singer. This band is kind of a prog cult classic, sorta like Comus. Good stuff.
I've had this one on my hard drive for a while, though only listened to it occasionally. Ride in the Sky is completely balls-out, though I'd really like to know which band, Lucifer's Friend or Led Zep, was ripping off whom. If it was the latter, then it wouldn't be the first time Jimmy Page has been accused of a musical forgery.

BTW, if you like this band, you might also like

Captain Beyond
Night Sun
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