I have an Ibenez ACA10 accoustic amp and i was wondering if upgrading the speaker in this thing would give it a cleaner sound at higher volumes. it gets pertty dag gum loud but it gets very distorted around 3 or 4. the thing is like 15 years old. but still a nice amp nevertheless.

sorry if i put this in the wrong section.
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no, i just need one to pratice on, plus i have it and i like things to work right and it would give me some pratice in replacing the speaker myself so i can do the same thing to my valveking.
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Anyway, do you know any of the measurements? Cone diameter, ohms, watts, etc.?

lets see, 120V AC

the diameter of the entire speaker is 6 1/2 in and the inside is 5 3/4 in

i had to cut the black wire to get the damn thing out, its all caroded and ****.

number on speaker is SED15/0608L070R
So it's a pretty small speaker?

I can't determine the ohms/impedence from that but maybe someone else can. I would just find a reputible web site and order one with those specs. Like maybe at tedweber.com or warehouseguitarspeakers.com.

There is also the Ultimate Speaker Thread.

Oh that and the Valveking Thread can be found up in The gear thread Sticky.

As far as type of speaker I guess that depends on your tastes. Blues to Metal or whatever.