Knowing that there are people in this world that have extraordinary skills, I was wondering if anyone knew just by sight what type of wood this guitar body may be(see below link)

I have sent the vendor an email but I haven't gotten a reply and i'm wondering if anyone is good enough to tell by a picture. Though this may not be completely accurate, I can still hope.

I wouldn't buy that. The bridge routing is quite sloppy and not well done.
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No. It is poorly routed, and will look like ****.

Sorry, I tend to only answer the question someone asked! Someone will ask if the colour oin the Les Paul they want to buy is nice, I'll be like, "yeah, totally." And then totally fail to mention that they are about pay two grand for a fake...
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yeah i had a feeling it was crap. I will probably get a regular routed one and have my dad and I do some work on it.
does a floyd require a locking nut or can you mount it and use a regular nut. And if its flat mounted like a normal fender trem then do you not need the locking nut either?
No, but if you were to flat mount a floud without a locking nut, you would lose the only two desireable attributes of a floyd.
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well is there a thread on putting a nut in cus I really have no idea how. And I know that it would be pointless without the nut to put a floyd in but I'm trying to do a frankenstrat so I'm trying to figure a lot of stuff out. And I eventually will put all the right parts into my guitar but it will not be all at the same time
^ You're welcome.

As for routing the body for a floyd, it is a lot easier than most people seem to think. All you need to do is measure.
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yeah. If you have a quality dremel or something, a guide, and a patience to accurately measure then you should be able to do about anything to wood.