Its OTS-ish because I did the 1st stanza and that one line after it last night and really liked it. And while adding guitar and such to it I kind of worked out the rest.

Solipsism, etc. etc.
Hey, I’m sitting on this pedestal
Dragged by marching stringed
Little men with little eyes
And little hearts, and little thoughts
Of all that is serene
And as I catapult my thoughts, I break from these things
That binds the genial calamity to a shattered pair of wings

I am so stuck on this augmented autonomy that I can barely breathe

Time flow shudders under windmill rudders
And tears high beam across blanket streets
Read your body like a book,
Oh-I’m so lost under these clouds
Your clouds…

I truly don’t know
Whether push comes to shove
Or I pool my own blood under my feet
Truthfully, I burden myself
With her changing me, cautious intimacy

I guess− I guess solipsism isn’t for me

Oh by the way, I don't care how cliche "read your body like a book" is, I like it, and until I find a suitable replacement it is staying !
this one is for you.
How about instead of "Read your body like a book" you go with something like:-

"Mannerisms giving me clues" or something like that? Personally I don't see anything wrong with the cliche of the original line, but i'm pretty cheesy

You can kinda tell that the first and second part were written seperately, but otherwise I really enjoyed it!