This song is an attempt to mix synth and guitar in a harmonious way. My theme for the song was to get a sort of sad feeling to it.. not sure if I accomplished that.

I really want to know what people dont like about this song. Do the solos not fit etc... structure.. whatever you hate let me know..


Oh and its located in my profile.
When the sun falls the moon rises...

My attempt at art lasted for an instant and then faded like a candle without oil...

When i get around to making more candles hopefully my art will return in a perfect form that all can appreciate.
I liked it. It was pretty cool. I think the guitar solo came in on the right time, right where it should of been. Your phrasing also fit really well with the gist of the song. I don't think you achieved the "Sad" mood though. To be honest, It brought back memories of me playing Bomberman on the Nintendo 64 haha.

The tremolo picking in the first part of the solo was alright, I thought each note played with vibrato would sound really cool. But, it's really just changing what you were going for I think.

Mind critting mind? It's in my profile.
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