Hello All! I am happy to announce that i got a new guitar today. I bought it on the 31st last year and with the holidays and all it got here today. Its a Agile AL-3100 CSB Wide Lefty. I got it for just over $250 shipped, in case, as a B-Stock item. The only things wrong is that there is a little crack in the case (On the bottom) that doesnt even really "crack" the case, its just a little line in the vinyl siding. And i got the guitar as a B-Stock as well (Guitar and Case came together). The only thing wrong with the guitar is a TINY (and when i say tiny, i mean tiny!) little flaw in the binding. In the 6th picture from the bottom you can see a little part of the binding that doesnt have any paint on it. Easy fix to that too So all in all i saved about $250 on a new guitar

Here are some pictures!
Hope you dont mind, i went kind of picture mad.

Darn, kept saying i had to many images. Gues si'll just give you these ones for now.
Thats a lovely cardboard box you got there. Any chance theres a guitar in it? :P

Looks cool though from what I can see. Get some good pics up so we can really see.

Congrats man!

EDIT: You changed the pics as I was typing, I can see it now, its pretty! I'm a lefty too!
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everybody skynyrd fans i put up honkky tonk night time man and.... anyone vote in goodnight elizabeth thanks!
Thanks guys I just love this guitar! Took about 30 or 40 minutes or so to get used to the next (going from a strat) But it was worth it!
wow thats a great deal. i have an Agile AL-3000 MAP CSB EMG, looks similair to yours but mine came with EMG's (81, 85), and yours is also a 3100, compared to mine, as i said, only a 3000. I got mine as a B-Stock item also, they said it had minor scratches on the back of the guitar and the case had a small crack like yours did but i was never able to find a scratch on it and the crack is really small on the case. Anways (i ramble), good job jumping on that deal, she's a beauty