The only places I've played at were at a school talent show and at church camp, so I'm completely new to this. First off, is it ok to bring a music stand to read your music off of? I want to start gigging, but am kind of afraid I'll forget some of the words and/or the chords. I've been trying to memorize my set list that I wrote up, which is about 30 minutes worth, but I know practice makes perfect. Also, what kinds of events are easy for beginning musicians to get a gig at? I'm 14, so I guess that kind of limits some of the places I can play at... Thanks for your help, I don't know what I would do without UG sometimes...
its not wrong to bring a stand, and in some places no one will notice it.

as for gigs, check any local battle of the bands things, or some free concerts that have openings. you can also drop some recordings and information and places around town that have live music features.
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First off, no, it's not usually ok to bring music stands. It just seems kinda weird. secondly, see if a local coffee shop or something has open mic nite. Start off there and you may be opening for someone or being the headliner eventually. There are several bands in my town that started off that way
hang out with other musicians, check the music scene. get to know the local players. let people know who you are. the more people than know you, the more chances you have of playing a good gig. play free shows....play anywhere you can
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unless your playing in a choir, the music stand is a no-no gig wise, and as for places to play, I dunno. Do some looking around locally there might be some places that will let you play. I know local YMCA's would more than likely let you and your band play there.
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another thing you can do is stick the words to the floor infront of you, next to the set list.
and yeah free shows are the go, i dunno about you, but my town isnt that big and we have quite a few open mic joints.
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Yes its ok to take a music stand - just don't put it where it obstructs peoples view. If you have it there you'll probably find you're more confident and won't need to use it anyway.
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its not wrong to bring a stand, and in some places no one will notice it.

Not really, sometimes you're okay, but you should know everything off by heart.
You look (not to be rude) like a douche with a music stand. But you will get used to it with more gigs you do. and the nerves go away. I used to get really freaked out before going on stage, but no one cares, they want you to make a fool of yourself, thats how you perform, and if you know the songs well enough you are able to do what any good musician can do when they screw it up.. Bullsh!t your way through it.

have you written your songs?? join your country's performing right association.
Make sure you get paid unless it's obviously an unpaid event, but don't get screwed around.

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Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about forgeting lyrics for two reason. 1. You probably won't have a problem with forgeting them if you go over them before the show. 2. Even if you do, just pretend like you meant to do that or something. But if you must, you can bring a stand. I've used a stand before, just don't put it right in front of your face so they can't see you. But yeah, best of luck with your gigging.
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