Is this how the pit really is now? It's like 4chans bitchy PMSing little sister.

I come here asking for help on something that I just happen to not have much experience in, and I get a bunch of stupid answers and the thread gets locked. WTF?

I'll ask again so maybe someone intelligent enough to help me will read this thread, and actually give me an answer.

I downloaded a movie, when I run it, it starts playing on Windows Media Player, and the movie plays fine, there is just no sound to it. Can someone tell me how to fix this?
Are the speakers on?
Do you have the correct codecs?
Is your sound card on?
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Computer thread, 1)
Don't make threads about your last thread's close, 2)
Yeah, the Pit sucks sometimes. That's how it is, 3)
Turn the sound up
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you call us the PMSing little sister of 4CHAN and you expect us to help you?
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Double thread?
Old one closed?
Your ****ed

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winamp > wmp. Also dl ffdshow its a huge pack of codecs, and your problem is solved. That and make sure your speakers are on.
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