Is there anything really special about installing different pickups or is it pretty much throw in and solder? Im wanting to go from the stock pickups in my guitar to the emg 81 85 i have 2 dual humbuckers on it so wouldn't they fit pretty easy?
Well, EMGs use batteries, so make sure you have room for a battery.

It's pretty simple, as long as you get the correct wiring.
Thats the thing I don't have room for batteries like I wouldn't know were to on it its but I haven't taken off the pick guard yet so I may still be in luck. I just recently got the guitar I just didn't know what I would have to go through to change them. Mainly for future reference.
well, the EMGs require different volume, tone knob, and input jack so you have to redo the whole wiring. you can check out how to wire it at their website.
EMGs arnt easy to put in yourself..i tryed..and failed...i just went to a tech got it done
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