i need help finding out what guitars under $1k usd have sanded or natural necks. i really want an explorer type or a v type with that neck. so far ive found the epi zakk wylde and a jackson rr3, however i would rather have a setneck or neckthru than a bolton. any help is appreciated!
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I dont know if you can get a set neck with a natural neck. Since it is glued on it would look really bad, with all the excess glue and different wood types coming together, and guitar companies dont want that. As far as neck-trough guitars go, im not realy sure. I have seen natural necktrough guitars in Guitar building&customizing forum, but they were all in natural color. I dont think you can get a neck trough with a painted body and a natural neck for the same reason as the set necks, it would look wierd.

One option is to buy a finished neck guitar and sand it down to the wood, but i dont think thats a good idea.
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