Where exactly are the keys located on the guitar? Like what frets for each key? I realize it would be easier to use note names, but since I don't know any notes, I figured this could be the next could thing. One more question, besides scales, which I am already trying to practice, what are some other good warmups.
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the same fret could be in several keys

EDIT re read the question, when i have trouble making sure I'm in the right key, i use tuxguitar, because it will display any scale on the fretboard. there are a lot of websites that do the same, i think chordie.com still does
You can't understand keys without understanding notes first...keys aren't located in a single place, they tell you all the notes in a scale. If I was you I'd learn some basic theory before worrying about key sigs....
right, its not that simple unfortunatley. the C major scale contains the notes C D E F G A B C - these are the notes in the key C major. This applies to any other major or minor key. however it gets more complicated say if the song used the notes G and D and A. you could say hey, thats in C major, but its actually in G (as G is the main chord and not e you would use to resolve the song)
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