yo. i have a 69 sunn sonaro head. it really isn't cranking the way a 60 watt tube head should be(let alone a pre-fender sunn). it feels extremely hesistant...like its almost not picking up enough signal. just put in all new tubes(other than the rectifier which was replaced a while ago) which is why i am now scared. the input jack is a little sketchy sometimes and the amp seems to run a little hot. other than that, i am completely stumped as to what the problem could be. i'm almost wondering if a bad instrument cable could hinder the volume so badly, but i kind of doubt it.

got any ideas? heard of any similar situations? just curious. i'm taking it to a tech when i get some cash anyway, but i figured i'd ask here too.
A bad cable could, do you have any more cables? just try one out. if not buy one, its a good investmen to always have a spare cable! im not good on tubes so i cant really suggest anything else sorry. also if the cable is a new one dont buy two mroe, just solder the other cable again and it should work
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