What are the best acoustic electric guitars under or around the price of $400 dollars.
I have my eyes set on the:
Washburn D10SCE
Alvarez RD20SC
Takamine EG340SC

$400 is just a ball park number $50 below or above won't matter much

*another quick question: how does the Alvarez RD20SC compare with its more expensive counterpart the AD60SC

with electrics, you ask these guys on here what to get.but for acoustic guitars, you really have to go to the store and pick it out yourself.becuase we don't know what type of sound u want exactly.the best thing for you to do is go down to your local music store and try out acoustic electrics in your price range

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Get the Tak. Best guitars in their price range.
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i found some used Alvarez RD20SC's for around 260 ~ 280 on eBay.
is that a good price. these are of course called the "almost perfect"
ones from the Alvarez manufacturers.
or they were used
Takamine EG340SC
Takamine EG340SC
Takamine EG340SC
Takamine EG340SC
Takamine EG340SC
Takamine EG340SC
Takamine EG340SC
Takamine EG340SC
Takamine EG340SC
Takamine EG340SC
Takamine EG340SC
i ordered the Alvarez RD20SC on eBay.
Got it for $260 including shipping. It's an "almost perfect"
cant afford a brand new one
good choice?
I like how you post a topic on here asking for help but you don't even take it.
You buy what you wanted while everyone told you to get the Takamine.

So why did you even bother create a topic?
^--- Take it easy. He got no real help in this thread. People shouting out suggestions but not providing any reasons. That's not help. A drunk monkey could probably type Takamine over and over.

SolKanar... I think you made a great choice. I think that either the Takamine or the Alvarez you posted would have been excellent choices. It is more than apparent by the list you gave us that you have already done some research and knew what to look for. The "Almost Perfect" guitars from Alvarez are 100% structurally flawless and it will be a great guitar for you. I do hope that you were able to see pictures of the guitar though. Sometimes the "Almost Perfect" guitars will have big and noticeable imperfections in finish.

I'm sure you were able to check out some pictures before you purchased though. I think you will be very happy with your new guitar. Congrats on the purchase and post some pictures when she arrives!